Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Jacob 7:16 - 7:20

Jacob 7:16 And it came to pass that he said unto the people: Gather together on the morrow, for I shall die; wherefore, I desire to speak unto the people before I shall die.

The efforts to keep him alive are not working and Sherem knows he will die within days. He asks that he be granted the opportunity to speak to the people as he knows his death is eminent.

Jacob 7:17 And it came to pass that on the morrow the multitude were gathered together; and he spake plainly unto them and denied the things which he had taught them, and confessed the Christ, and the power of the Holy Ghost, and the ministering of angels.

The people gather and hear Sherem’s confession. He spoke that he had preached false doctrine to them and gave testimony of the coming of the Messiah, the power of the Holy Ghost and that there were angels among them.

Jacob 7:18 And he spake plainly unto them, that he had been deceived by the power of the devil. And he spake of hell, and of eternity, and of eternal punishment.

Sherem confesses that he was deceived by satan and his persuasive powers. Sherem testifies that there is a hell and the punishment that comes to the wicked.

Jacob 7:19 And he said: I fear lest I have committed the unpardonable sin, for I have lied unto God; for I denied the Christ, and said that I believed the scriptures; and they truly testify of him. And because I have thus lied unto God I greatly fear lest my case shall be awful; but I confess unto God.

Sherem is fearful that he has gone too far in his false preachings that he may have become to far gone for salvation to come to him, personally. He confesses that he has denied the Christ that he knows was testified in the scriptures. He has lied to God and thinks he has stepped over the line but nevertheless he does confess if it will do any good in his case.

Jacob 7:20 And it came to pass that when he had said these words he could say no more, and he gave up the ghost.

After his confession to the people, Sherem died.

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