Saturday, October 18, 2014

Enos 1:6 - 1:10

Enos 1:6 And I, Enos, knew that God could not lie; wherefore, my guilt was swept away.

Enos knowing that God would never lie to anyone, therefore knew his sins were indeed forgiven. He immediately felt the feelings of sorrow for his sins were taken away as if by some external force.
[I think that Enos was surprised by this event. He did not know that a change of feeling could be effected by the command of some external influence. Having someone forgive us of our sins against them does have a great effect on us. It seems almost magic that when someone says that to us, we had a feeling of joy come over us as if out of nowhere.]

Enos 1:7 And I said: Lord, how is it done?

Enos was so taken by this feel of losing his guilt that he wonder how this was done.

Enos 1:8 And he said unto me: Because of thy faith in Christ, whom thou hast never before heard nor seen. And many years pass away before he shall manifest himself in the flesh; wherefore, go to, thy faith hath made thee whole.

The Lord tells Enos that it is his faith in Christ that has caused his guilt over his past sins to depart from him. The Lord points out that his is remarkable in spite of the fact that Enos has never had a vision or even heard his voice in the past (like his father had). And it will be still many years before anyone sees him in person either.

Enos 1:9 Now, it came to pass that when I had heard these words I began to feel a desire for the welfare of my brethren, the Nephites; wherefore, I did pour out my whole soul unto God for them.

After hearing what it was that caused this feeling of peace to come to him, he wanted his family and people to have the same experience.
[It seems that when good things happen to people that they want to spread the joy to others. They want to share so that their family can be as happy as they are. A real sign that a person has love for his fellowman. Wanting to keep the feeling all to oneself is selfishness with is the opposite of love.]

Enos 1:10 And while I was thus struggling in the spirit, behold, the voice of the Lord came into my mind again, saying: I will visit thy brethren according to their diligence in keeping my commandments. I have given unto them this land, and it is a holy land; and I curse it not save it be for the cause of iniquity; wherefore, I will visit thy brethren according as I have said; and their transgressions will I bring down with sorrow upon their own heads.

While Enos was praying fervently about this, the voice of the Lord came to his mind again and told him that he will, indeed, visit Enos’ people according to the effort they make to draw near to Him. He has made it easy for the people to do so. They are living in a chosen land with many blessing resting for those who live righteously on it. Any cursing are because of iniquity. So if they live as they should they will be blessed if not then they will suffer for their sins just like anyone else.
[This experience gives us a quintessential example of how revelation works for most of us. It is a voice in our minds that is the majority of our experience with revelation. No auditable voice is heard through the ears. I’ve had this experience over the years particular with researching my genealogy. I once had this happen as I was sitting in Stake Conference and someone from the podium said the word “Rose.” I do not remember the context, but it came to my mind that: “Rose needs his work done.” Now that was from out of nowhere. I was not thinking about this and had not looked at the material where his name appears for many years. He was a family friend of William M. Smith, my second great grandfather and later in my research found out that he was a cousin. Well it was apparent to me, immediately, that he wanted his work done and I may have been his only access to getting his Temple work done, least at that moment. I think that maybe William Smith in the Spirit World had been preaching the Gospel to Rose and other of his relatives and friends in his life and Rose had excepted the Gospel. But since, Rose had no descendants in the Church who could submit his name to the Temple, William whispered to me to do it. I picture the scene as Henry B. Rose coming to William Smith and saying how can I get my Temple work done? I have no descendents in the Church. William may have said: “I know someone.” That was me. Anyway, I got the message and did the work for him all of his family I could discover in the Census records. It was about 50 of or people. So this is how one receives revelation. Words to ones mind.]

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