Sunday, October 5, 2014

Jacob 5:51 - 5:55

Jacob 5:51 And the Lord said: Yea, I will spare it a little longer, for it grieveth me that I should lose the trees of my vineyard.

The master agrees to work a bit longer in the vineyard in spite of its condition. He really does not want to lose the trees.

Jacob 5:52 Wherefore, let us take of the branches of these which I have planted in the nethermost parts of my vineyard, and let us graft them into the tree from whence they came; and let us pluck from the tree those branches whose fruit is most bitter, and graft in the natural branches of the tree in the stead thereof.

The master has a plan. He will take the branches from the other parts of the vineyard that were removed from the main tree in the beginning and graft them back into the main tree. The wild branches which were grafted into the main tree which are producing the most bitter fruit are to be removed. So main tree now consists of the return of the original branches with some to the wild branches being allow to stay which fruit is not too bad as yet. [This I think is the restoration of the Israel to the lands of it inheritance. The really bad members and others mixed in with them will be destroyed. Then there are members which are returned to their lands with a few or the wild ones that were not destroyed still remaining in place.]

Jacob 5:53 And this will I do that the tree may not perish, that, perhaps, I may preserve unto myself the roots thereof for mine own purpose.

The master is doing this so as to keep the main tree with it roots from perishing. He has a reason for doing this. [I this point, I wonder if this plan was thought of before or after he was talked into preserving the vineyard by the servant? Or was the plan created after talking with the servant as to what they could do? Or did the master come up with more he could do the preserve the vineyard after all? Or did the master have to get the servant sympathetic to continue working in the vineyard before the master could reveal this plan which he already have in mind?]

Jacob 5:54 And, behold, the roots of the natural branches of the tree which I planted whithersoever I would are yet alive; wherefore, that I may preserve them also for mine own purpose, I will take of the branches of this tree, and I will graft them in unto them. Yea, I will graft in unto them the branches of their mother tree, that I may preserve the roots also unto mine own self, that when they shall be sufficiently strong perhaps they may bring forth good fruit unto me, and I may yet have glory in the fruit of my vineyard.

The plan now is to take the branches which were removed from the mother tree and grafted into the other trees in various locations in the vineyard and graft them back into the mother tree. Then they would take more of the branches of the mother tree and graft them into trees in other parts of the vineyard like they had done in the beginning. They will be returning some of the branches back to the mother tree and moving more branches from the mother tree out into the vineyard. All branches were wild but the roots were all in good condition so the master is hoping that the change would allow the roots to overcome the branches wildness and become good again. [It sounds like a change of location to destroy one’s comfort level and bring tension into our lives can cause us to re-evaluate our lives. That goes to whether we are moved out of our home town to other places or we are required to return to where we came from to start with. Either way, being forced to move regardless of where we come from to where we have to go wakes people up to their spiritual condition and cause them to reassess their condition. This may be the reason behind the driving out of the saints from Missouri and Illinois. Having lost two cities they built did cause the leadership to wonder what they were doing wrong and revelations came to them as a result of their expulsions of just what the members were guilty of.]

Jacob 5:55 And it came to pass that they took from the natural tree which had become wild, and grafted in unto the natural trees, which also had become wild.

The master and the servants began to make the changes as the master had directed. All the branches had become wild and were not producing natural fruit. [I think it is worth noting that the Lord is in direct control of what is taking place in the vineyard. This I know shows that the Lord is directing who goes where and when. That are movements on this earth by ourselves, ancestors or descendants is not haphazard. We really do not move because of our own abolition but that we are directed by the Spirit even thought we might not be aware of it or not. For example where I am living now or my children are living is where the Lord wants us. Our abilities and/or talents are needed in the place we live for whatever reason.]

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