Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Mosiah 9:6 - 9:10

Mosiah 9:6 And I went in unto the king, and he covenanted with me that I might possess the land of Lehi-Nephi, and the land of Shilom.

The king of the Lamanites did enter into an agreement that the returnees could have the land of Lehi-Nephi and Shilom.

Mosiah 9:7 And he also commanded that his people should depart out of the land, and I and my people went into the land that we might possess it.

The Lamanites who were living in these two places gave up their ownership and the Nephites came and began to occupy the land themselves.

Mosiah 9:8 And we began to build buildings, and to repair the walls of the city, yea, even the walls of the city of Lehi-Nephi, and the city of Shilom.

The Nephites began to build buildings to live in and repair the walls of both cities. [I guess all that was there in these two cities were the walls. Wonder if the walls were wood or stone, probably wood?]

Mosiah 9:9 And we began to till the ground, yea, even with all manner of seeds, with seeds of corn, and of wheat, and of barley, and with neas, and with sheum, and with seeds of all manner of fruits; and we did begin to multiply and prosper in the land.

So the sodbusters started farming the countryside, planting crops such as wheat, corn, barley, neas, sheum and various kinds of fruits. The ground was very fertile and the harvests were plentiful and life was good. [Don’t know what neases or sheums are.]

Mosiah 9:10 Now it was the cunning and the craftiness of king Laman, to bring my people into bondage, that he yielded up the land that we might possess it.

The reason that king Laman let the new settlers have the land of Nephi-Lehi was so as the settlers became well established, he was going to bring the people into subjection to him. They would have so much invested that they would be reluctant to leave and would be more tolerant to some sort of tribute

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