Friday, December 19, 2014

Mosiah 11:6 - 11:10

Mosiah 11:6 Yea, and thus they were supported in their laziness, and in their idolatry, and in their whoredoms, by the taxes which king Noah had put upon his people; thus did the people labor exceedingly to support iniquity.

The political situation now is a lazy king and his priests who do no work to support themselves and live off the taxes of the people.
[One wonders why the people put up with such a thing. It was just a short time ago that they had Limhi and the prosperity they had under him. Why would they allow this to happen? Again it must be that he had a policy force to back him up.]

Mosiah 11:7 Yea, and they also became idolatrous, because they were deceived by the vain and flattering words of the king and priests; for they did speak flattering things unto them.

Well it appears that the people were talked into this situation. They must have said what the people wanted to hear about religion and they then went along with it.
[It shows just what kind of people were living under king Noah. They must have been evil like unto him. They are now ripe for destruction.]

Mosiah 11:8 And it came to pass that king Noah built many elegant and spacious buildings; and he ornamented them with fine work of wood, and of all manner of precious things, of gold, and of silver, and of iron, and of brass, and of ziff, and of copper;

He then embarked on a building spree. He build palaces, city halls and other various public works. The buildings were decorated with gold, silver and other precious metals. They used the best woods.
[King Noah must have told the people that these buildings would show off their power and prosperity to those around them. This is typical of dictators. They like to show off their power through the construction of ornate buildings and plenty of them.]

Mosiah 11:9 And he also built him a spacious palace, and a throne in the midst thereof, all of which was of fine wood and was ornamented with gold and silver and with precious things.

He also built a large palace with a throne made of exotic woods and inlayed with gold, silver and other precious things.

Mosiah 11:10 And he also caused that his workmen should work all manner of fine work within the walls of the temple, of fine wood, and of copper, and of brass.

The Temple was even upgraded with the same treatment as the new palace.
[Sounds like Herod the Great which did the same sort of things while he reigned.]

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