Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Mosiah 12:6 - 12:10

Mosiah 12:6 And it shall come to pass that I will send forth hail among them, and it shall smite them; and they shall also be smitten with the east wind; and insects shall pester their land also, and devour their grain.

They will see hot easterly winds, devouring insects and the resulting famine from the lack of grain to make bread. This will be brought on by the Lord himself.

Mosiah 12:7 And they shall be smitten with a great pestilence—and all this will I do because of their iniquities and abominations.

This the Lord said He will personally do because of their rotten life style and their sins.

Mosiah 12:8 And it shall come to pass that except they repent I will utterly destroy them from off the face of the earth; yet they shall leave a record behind them, and I will preserve them for other nations which shall possess the land; yea, even this will I do that I may discover the abominations of this people to other nations. And many things did Abinadi prophesy against this people.

So not only did Abinadi say that the Lord told him that the people would be completely destroyed but that a record of their wickedness would be kept. And this record would come forth at a future time so others who would come to live in the land of promise could read about king Noah and his people’s great wickedness. Abinadi said many other things against king Noah and his people.

Mosiah 12:9 And it came to pass that they were angry with him; and they took him and carried him bound before the king, and said unto the king: Behold, we have brought a man before thee who has prophesied evil concerning thy people, and saith that God will destroy them.

Abinadi was then arrested and tied up. He was brought before the king and accused of sedition saying that the people were evil and that God would destroy them.

Mosiah 12:10 And he also prophesieth evil concerning thy life, and saith that thy life shall be as a garment in a furnace of fire.

In addition, he said that the king would die by fire like a piece of cloth in a furnace because of his wickedness.

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