Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Mosiah 18:31 - 18:35

Mosiah 18:31 And these things were done in the borders of the land, that they might not come to the knowledge of the king.

And they were done here so as to escape the attention of the king who would destroy them immediately if he knew about it.

Mosiah 18:32 But behold, it came to pass that the king, having discovered a movement among the people, sent his servants to watch them. Therefore on the day that they were assembling themselves together to hear the word of the Lord they were discovered unto the king.

However, they were discovered at one on of their meetings in Mormon by the kings security forces.

Mosiah 18:33 And now the king said that Alma was stirring up the people to rebellion against him; therefore he sent his army to destroy them.

The king now accused Alma of sedition and sent his police to destroy Alma and his followers.

Mosiah 18:34 And it came to pass that Alma and the people of the Lord were apprised of the coming of the king’s army; therefore they took their tents and their families and departed into the wilderness.

However, Alma learned of the approach of the police and fled with a few of their possessions into the wilderness.

Mosiah 18:35 And they were in number about four hundred and fifty souls.

The number of Alma’s followers was 450.

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