Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mosiah 21:16 - 21:20

Mosiah 21:16 And it came to pass that they began to prosper by degrees in the land, and began to raise grain more abundantly, and flocks, and herds, that they did not suffer with hunger.

Limhi was ignorant of this event concerning the kidnappings. He told the king that he would search among his people and if he found the kidnappers, he were execute them.

Mosiah 21:17 Now there was a great number of women, more than there was of men; therefore king Limhi commanded that every man should impart to the support of the widows and their children, that they might not perish with hunger; and this they did because of the greatness of their number that had been slain.

However, Gideon suggested that he not look among his people of the kidnappers.

Mosiah 21:18 Now the people of Limhi kept together in a body as much as it was possible, and secured their grain and their flocks;

He reminds Limhi about the missing priests of Noah who were still at large in the wilderness. They might have been the ones who kidnapped the Lamanite girls.

Mosiah 21:19 And the king himself did not trust his person without the walls of the city, unless he took his guards with him, fearing that he might by some means fall into the hands of the Lamanites.

Gideon, tells Limhi to try and convinced the Lamanite king about the priests. The reason being that the Lamanites, even without their king, were preparing to come again against the Nephites but with an even larger army. And this time the Nephites would probably not win this next fight.

Mosiah 21:20 And he caused that his people should watch the land round about, that by some means they might take those priests that fled into the wilderness, who had stolen the daughters of the Lamanites, and that had caused such a great destruction to come upon them.

Gideon, in addition, tells Limhi that they need to get the king of Lamanites convinced of this fact so he can appease the Lamanite army. They will not be able to defeat them this time.

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