Monday, February 9, 2015

Mosiah 21:6 - 21:10

Mosiah 21:6 And it came to pass that the people began to murmur with the king because of their afflictions; and they began to be desirous to go against them to battle. And they did afflict the king sorely with their complaints; therefore he granted unto them that they should do according to their desires.

The people were getting more and more distraught over their condition to the point of wanting to battle with the Lamanites to relieve their condition. They finally got Limhi to consent to their demands to try an fight off the Lamanites so he organized them to do so.

Mosiah 21:7 And they gathered themselves together again, and put on their armor, and went forth against the Lamanites to drive them out of their land.

Therefore the Nephites put on their fighting gear and attached the Lamanite guards to drive them out of their lands.

Mosiah 21:8 And it came to pass that the Lamanites did beat them, and drove them back, and slew many of them.

The attached was a failure and the Nephites were badly beaten.

Mosiah 21:9 And now there was a great mourning and lamentation among the people of Limhi, the widow mourning for her husband, the son and the daughter mourning for their father, and the brothers for their brethren.

There was great loss of life among them. Many were now fatherless and widows.

Mosiah 21:10 Now there were a great many widows in the land, and they did cry mightily from day to day, for a great fear of the Lamanites had come upon them.

With less men to defend them, the women folk were now even more frighten of the Lamanites coming again to kill off the remaining Nephites.

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