Friday, March 13, 2015

Mosiah 24:1 - 24:5

Mosiah 24:1 And it came to pass that Amulon did gain favor in the eyes of the king of the Lamanites; therefore, the king of the Lamanites granted unto him and his brethren that they should be appointed teachers over his people, yea, even over the people who were in the land of Shemlon, and in the land of Shilom, and in the land of Amulon.

Amulon as mentioned was appointed leader over Alma’s people along with the other priests who were with him. This also included Amulon’s settlement as well.

Mosiah 24:2 For the Lamanites had taken possession of all these lands; therefore, the king of the Lamanites had appointed kings over all these lands.

The Lamanites had taken possession of both Alma’s and Amulon's settlement.

Mosiah 24:3 And now the name of the king of the Lamanites was Laman, being called after the name of his father; and therefore he was called king Laman. And he was king over a numerous people.

The Lamanite king was named Laman after his father and he had a large population under him.

Mosiah 24:4 And he appointed teachers of the brethren of Amulon in every land which was possessed by his people; and thus the language of Nephi began to be taught among all the people of the Lamanites.

This king Laman now appointed Amulon to be teachers over the Lamanites and they now taught the language of the Nephites to them.

Mosiah 24:5 And they were a people friendly one with another; nevertheless they knew not God; neither did the brethren of Amulon teach them anything concerning the Lord their God, neither the law of Moses; nor did they teach them the words of Abinadi;

They were for the most part a good people. Had good relations with each other, but God was not part of their lives. Amulon did not teach them either about God or of the law of Moses or of Abinadi’s teachings.

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