Monday, April 13, 2015

Mosiah 29:6 - Mosiah 29:10

Mosiah 29:6 Now I declare unto you that he to whom the kingdom doth rightly belong has declined, and will not take upon him the kingdom.

Mosiah says that the kingship rightly belongs to Aaron but he does not want it.
[This makes me think that Aaron was the oldest son rather than Ammon who seems to be the president of the Lamanite mission.]

Mosiah 29:7 And now if there should be another appointed in his stead, behold I fear there would rise contentions among you. And who knoweth but what my son, to whom the kingdom doth belong, should turn to be angry and draw away a part of this people after him, which would cause wars and contentions among you, which would be the cause of shedding much blood and perverting the way of the Lord, yea, and destroy the souls of many people.

Since the people seem to want Aaron as their king, if someone else were to be chosen, some parts of the kingdom would probably object and who knows what they would do. And an unknown quantity would be if Aaron should return and see another in the place that was rightfully his, he might rebel and gather supporters and try to depose whoever was the king. This would probably lead to killing and death or many people.

Mosiah 29:8 Now I say unto you let us be wise and consider these things, for we have no right to destroy my son, neither should we have any right to destroy another if he should be appointed in his stead.

Mosiah says that the people need to think about this a bit. He does not want this to happen to either the people or especially to his son who might be tempted to do this if he should return in the near future.

Mosiah 29:9 And if my son should turn again to his pride and vain things he would recall the things which he had said, and claim his right to the kingdom, which would cause him and also this people to commit much sin.

Mosiah puts forth the speculation: what if Aaron should return from the mission field and once he is released he would once again become like he was before the angel appeared to the boys. What if he should then return to the pride he once had and lay claim to the kingship. Who knows what kind of trouble that would cause for everyone. [This is common for many return missionaries to revert back to ways they had before they left for the mission field. As they prepare for missionary service, pride and self centeredness is naturally disappears.]

Mosiah 29:10 And now let us be wise and look forward to these things, and do that which will make for the peace of this people.

But when the mission is over and they no longer have are thinking of others but of themselves now, they often revert back to the way they were before they had made the commitment to go on a mission in their hearts.]

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