Friday, May 1, 2015

Alma 2:21 - 2:25

Alma 2:21 And Alma sent spies to follow the remnant of the Amlicites, that he might know of their plans and their plots, whereby he might guard himself against them, that he might preserve his people from being destroyed.

After making camp, Alma sends scouts out to see what was left of Amlici’s army was up to. Alma knew that Amlici would not quit his design to gain power over the Nephites even in the face of a major defeat.

Alma 2:22 Now those whom he had sent out to watch the camp of the Amlicites were called Zeram, and Amnor, and Manti, and Limher; these were they who went out with their men to watch the camp of the Amlicites.

Alma sent four scouts, Zeram, Amnor, Manti and Limher to keep an eye on Amlici’s army.
Wonder why their names were given in the text?

Alma 2:23 And it came to pass that on the morrow they returned into the camp of the Nephites in great haste, being greatly astonished, and struck with much fear, saying:

The next morning these four scouts returned to Alma’s camp in a panic and out of breath.

Alma 2:24 Behold, we followed the camp of the Amlicites, and to our great astonishment, in the land of Minon, above the land of Zarahemla, in the course of the land of Nephi, we saw a numerous host of the Lamanites; and behold, the Amlicites have joined them;

They said that they had followed Amlici’s army to the land of Minon which is above Zarahemla in elevation and on the way south to the land of Nephi. And there, they saw that Amlicites had united with an army of Lamanites who had just invaded that sector of Nephite lands.

Alma 2:25 And they are upon our brethren in that land; and they are fleeing before them with their flocks, and their wives, and their children, towards our city; and except we make haste they obtain possession of our city, and our fathers, and our wives, and our children be slain.

What they saw almost made them hysterical. They spotted a Lamanite army which had just entered the land of Minon and were attacking the settlers there. The settlers were fleeing to Zarahemla with their families and whatever livestock they could bring with them. Not only that but that Amlici had joined up with the Lamanites and the combined armies were now marching towards Zarahemla with the obvious intent to conquer Zarahemla. With Alma and his forces out of Zarahemla, the population would be slaughtered if the Lamanites hit them without the Nephite armies being there to defend them.

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