Friday, June 12, 2015

Alma 9:31 - 9:34

Alma 9:31 Now it came to pass that when I, Alma, had spoken these words, behold, the people were wroth with me because I said unto them that they were a hard-hearted and a stiffnecked people.

Well the folks of Ammonihah were not very happy to be called a hard-hearted or a stiffnecked people. Apparently they must have thought they knew it all and had the right attitude towards each other and life in general.

Alma 9:32 And also because I said unto them that they were a lost and a fallen people they were angry with me, and sought to lay their hands upon me, that they might cast me into prison.

Alma also called them a lost and fallen people which means their value system was evil and because the people supported it, they were a bad lot. For that, the people tried to throw him into prison. No freedom of speech here.

Alma 9:33 But it came to pass that the Lord did not suffer them that they should take me at that time and cast me into prison.

However, the Lord would not allow Alma to be imprisoned just yet.

Alma 9:34 And it came to pass that Amulek went and stood forth, and began to preach unto them also. And now the words of Amulek are not all written, nevertheless a part of his words are written in this book.

Amulek now begins his contribution to go along with Alma’s preaching. Amulek said many things, but only a few are recorded in the Book of Alma.

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