Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Alma 11:21 - 11:25

Alma 11:21 And this Zeezrom began to question Amulek, saying: Will ye answer me a few questions which I shall ask you? Now Zeezrom was a man who was expert in the devices of the devil, that he might destroy that which was good; therefore, he said unto Amulek: Will ye answer the questions which I shall put unto you?

Amulek is now going to be question by lawyer in the crowd by the name of Zeezrom, who though himself a clever man and had the ability to get anyone to say what he wanted. He asks Amulek if he would be willing to answer a few questions.

Alma 11:22 And Amulek said unto him: Yea, if it be according to the Spirit of the Lord, which is in me; for I shall say nothing which is contrary to the Spirit of the Lord. And Zeezrom said unto him: Behold, here are six onties of silver, and all these will I give thee if thou wilt deny the existence of a Supreme Being.

Amulek said he will answer as the Spirit dictates. He will not be answering with his own opinions. Zeezrom offers him six Onties of silver if Amulek will give up his testimony and deny the existence of God.

A onties of silver was the silver coin of the most value

Alma 11:23 Now Amulek said: O thou child of hell, why tempt ye me? Knowest thou that the righteous yieldeth to no such temptations?

Amulek quickly responds with calling Zeezrom a child of the hell. Amulek accuses him a knowing that a true disciple will not give up their testimony for money.

Alma 11:24 Believest thou that there is no God? I say unto you, Nay, thou knowest that there is a God, but thou lovest that lucre more than him.

Amulek asks Zeezrom if he believes in God. However, Amulek accuses Zeezrom of actually knowing that there is a God, but that the lure of money influences his actions and life style more than his belief.

Alma 11:25 And now thou hast lied before God unto me. Thou saidst unto me—Behold these six onties, which are of great worth, I will give unto thee—when thou hadst it in thy heart to retain them from me; and it was only thy desire that I should deny the true and living God, that thou mightest have cause to destroy me. And now behold, for this great evil thou shalt have thy reward.

Amulek now accuses Zeezrom of being a liar because he would not, in fact, give Amulek the bride as he tempted him with. He would just turn to the crowd and say that Amulek had been lying to them about his testimony and therefore in violation of the law. Amulek then tells Zeezrom that he will be rewarded by his false actions.

If this is the case, Zeezrom would be guilty of a crime as well, that of lying. I think that lying was a crime among the Nephites and carried a punishment.

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