Thursday, June 4, 2015

Alma 8:21 - 8:25

Alma 8:21 And it came to pass that the man received him into his house; and the man was called Amulek; and he brought forth bread and meat and set before Alma.

Alma was then taken to the house of Amulek and was given bread and meat to eat to brake is fast.

Alma 8:22 And it came to pass that Alma ate bread and was filled; and he blessed Amulek and his house, and he gave thanks unto God.

The mean gave Alma the sustenance he needed and therefore placed a blessing on the house and Amulek’s family and gave thanks to God.

Alma 8:23 And after he had eaten and was filled he said unto Amulek: I am Alma, and am the high priest over the church of God throughout the land.

Alma now introduces himself to Amulek. He informs Amulek and his household that he is Alma the high priest and head of the church.

Interesting that Alma did not introduce himself when they first met and only after Amulek took him to his home and fed him as the angel told him to do. Amulek was doing as the angel told him to do without questioning who the man would be or just who he was. It might be that Alma wanted to see if the Amulek would do as the angel had commanded without questioning the reason. Often times the scriptures give accounts of people being told to do certain things but never given the reason.

Alma 8:24 And behold, I have been called to preach the word of God among all this people, according to the spirit of revelation and prophecy; and I was in this land and they would not receive me, but they cast me out and I was about to set my back towards this land forever.

Alma then explains why he was in Ammonihah. That he was there to bear testimony of Jesus Christ and command the people to repent of their sins and get ready for the kingdom of heaven. However the people rejected him in no uncertain terms and he was leaving the town with the thought of never returning to it again.

Amulek seems to have not heard of Alma’s visit to Ammonihah or the reaction by the people too it. Maybe he was out of town or Alma was only contending with a small group of the citizens.

Alma 8:25 But behold, I have been commanded that I should turn again and prophesy unto this people, yea, and to testify against them concerning their iniquities.

Alma tells Amulek that he was commanded by the angel that visited him to return to the city and once again command the people to repent of their sins.

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