Sunday, July 19, 2015

Alma 15:11 - 15:15

Alma 15:11 And when Alma had said these words, Zeezrom leaped upon his feet, and began to walk; and this was done to the great astonishment of all the people; and the knowledge of this went forth throughout all the land of Sidom.

After Alma's words, Zeezrom immediately got up on his feet and began to walk around. The people who witnessed this were amazed and the word of this spread quickly throughout the city and the country side.

Alma 15:12 And Alma baptized Zeezrom unto the Lord; and he began from that time forth to preach unto the people.

Zeezrom was then baptized and became a missionary himself to the Nephites.

One can only wonder if he had a family back in Ammonihah and what happened to them. I suspect that he did and they were victims of the fire as probably as well Amulek's. These men gave up much.

Alma 15:13 And Alma established a church in the land of Sidom, and consecrated priests and teachers in the land, to baptize unto the Lord whosoever were desirous to be baptized.

The church was established in Sidom. Leadership was put in place to manage church needs. Alma baptized as many as wanted to join.

Alma 15:14 And it came to pass that they were many; for they did flock in from all the region round about Sidom, and were baptized.

The numbers of new converts were many and they came from a large area around Sidom.

Alma 15:15 But as to the people that were in the land of Ammonihah, they yet remained a hard-hearted and a stiffnecked people; and they repented not of their sins, ascribing all the power of Alma and Amulek to the devil; for they were of the profession of Nehor, and did not believe in the repentance of their sins.

However, in spite of the miracles and events in Ammonihah, the people of Ammonihah refused to believe in the teachings of Alma and Amulek. They refused to acknowledge their need to repent of their sins and come unto Chirst. And as in the days of Christ, they subscribed these events as the work of the devil. The priests and the teachers were followers of the traditions and teachings of Nehor and the thought they were doing wrong was not in their minds.

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