Friday, August 21, 2015

Alma 18:11 - 18:15

Alma 18:11 Now I surely know that this is the Great Spirit, and I would desire him that he come in unto me, but I durst not.

Evidently, Lamoni thought that Ammon was the Great Spirit because of his actions. Lamoni wanted to have Ammon come to him but Lamoni was afraid to ask for his presence.

There must have been more to this story. Why would the fighting abilities of one man make others think he was the Great Spirit? There must have been some traditions that gave this as a definition of what the Great Spirit was or would do when he appeared.

Alma 18:12 And it came to pass that when Ammon had made ready the horses and the chariots for the king and his servants, he went in unto the king, and he saw that the countenance of the king was changed; therefore he was about to return out of his presence.

After Ammon had prepared the king’s horses for departure, he went to the king to announce that all was ready. However, when he entered the room, he could see there was something wrong with the king and was about to leave.

Alma 18:13 And one of the king’s servants said unto him, Rabbanah, which is, being interpreted, powerful or great king, considering their kings to be powerful; and thus he said unto him: Rabbanah, the king desireth thee to stay.

As he was leaving, one of the king’s servants whispered to him that the king really wanted him to stay, but was afraid to ask. This servant called Ammon Rabbanah which means great king.

I’m sure that Ammon had to be astounded by being call Rabbanah.

Alma 18:14 Therefore Ammon turned himself unto the king, and said unto him: What wilt thou that I should do for thee, O king? And the king answered him not for the space of an hour, according to their time, for he knew not what he should say unto him.

Ammon then returned to Lamoni and ask what he needed him to do next. However, the king found that he was too afraid to speak to Ammon. Ammon stood there for about an hour waiting for the king to speak, but again he was afraid.

Again there must have been some tradition that said to speak to the Great Spirit would be a death wish. You just do not speak to it for it did not allow mortals to speak to it.

Alma 18:15 And it came to pass that Ammon said unto him again: What desirest thou of me? But the king answered him not.

Again Ammon asked the king if he wanted Ammon to do something.

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