Saturday, August 29, 2015

Alma 19:11 - 19:15

Alma 19:11 And it came to pass that she watched over the bed of her husband, from that time even until that time on the morrow which Ammon had appointed that he should rise.

The queen, believing Ammon stayed by the Lamoni's bedside until morning.

Alma 19:12 And it came to pass that he arose, according to the words of Ammon; and as he arose, he stretched forth his hand unto the woman, and said: Blessed be the name of God, and blessed art thou.

And as promised by Ammon, Lamoni did awaken and thanked God for the experience that he had just gone through in his comatose state and knowing of his wife's belief in Ammon, told her she was blessed as he was.

Alma 19:13 For as sure as thou livest, behold, I have seen my Redeemer; and he shall come forth, and be born of a woman, and he shall redeem all mankind who believe on his name. Now, when he had said these words, his heart was swollen within him, and he sunk again with joy; and the queen also sunk down, being overpowered by the Spirit.

Lamoni recounts the experiences in his comatose state. In his near death experience, he saw the future events surrounding the life of the savior and his mission to save mankind. However, in recounting his experiences, he was over powered again and fainted. The queen was affected in like manner and fainted too. Both were overcome by the Spirit.

Alma 19:14 Now Ammon seeing the Spirit of the Lord poured out according to his prayers upon the Lamanites, his brethren, who had been the cause of so much mourning among the Nephites, or among all the people of God because of their iniquities and their traditions, he fell upon his knees, and began to pour out his soul in prayer and thanksgiving to God for what he had done for his brethren; and he was also overpowered with joy; and thus they all three had sunk to the earth.

Ammon, witnessing the ability of the Spirit to affect the Lamanites, which had been Ammon’s wish before he came to the Land of Nephi, was likewise overcome with thankfulness to the point that he fainted as well. Now all three were laying on the floor in a comatose state.

Alma 19:15 Now, when the servants of the king had seen that they had fallen, they also began to cry unto God, for the fear of the Lord had come upon them also, for it was they who had stood before the king and testified unto him concerning the great power of Ammon.

When the other servants of the king saw the three lying on the floor, they began to pray to the Lord for their own souls as they feared that they would be fall victim to the same result as were the three they saw laying on the floor. These servants were the same ones that had witnessed Ammon’s power in contending with the bad guys at the waters of Sebus.

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