Friday, September 11, 2015

Alma 21:11 - 21:15

Alma 21:11 Therefore, when he saw that they would not hear his words, he departed out of their synagogue, and came over to a village which was called Ani-Anti, and there he found Muloki preaching the word unto them; and also Ammah and his brethren. And they contended with many about the word.

Aaron could see that the people would not listen to him and left their synagogues and town. He next went to a village by the name of Ani-Anti. There he found Muloki and Ammah and some of the others that had joined the other sons of Mosiah in their missionary activities. Aaron learned from them that it was not easy going in this area either. They found everyone contenting against them as they tried to preach to them.

Alma 21:12 And it came to pass that they saw that the people would harden their hearts, therefore they departed and came over into the land of Middoni. And they did preach the word unto many, and few believed on the words which they taught.

Aaron, Muloki and Ammah join together and went to the land of Middoni. They had a little success with a few converts.

Alma 21:13 Nevertheless, Aaron and a certain number of his brethren were taken and cast into prison, and the remainder of them fled out of the land of Middoni unto the regions round about.

However, Aaron and a few of his company were arrested and thrown into prison. The others, who had managed to escape being arrested, left for other parts of the country.

Alma 21:14 And those who were cast into prison suffered many things, and they were delivered by the hand of Lamoni and Ammon, and they were fed and clothed.

The ones who were arrested were denied food, water and were stripped of their clothing. They had suffered much until they were freed by the efforts of Lamoni and Ammon.

Alma 21:15 And they went forth again to declare the word, and thus they were delivered for the first time out of prison; and thus they had suffered.

Instead of going home the brethren went out again among the people to preach the word of God.

I'm sure that the success that Ammon had with Lamoni was of great encouragement to the boys and they now had some hope that there were some of the Lamanites who would listen to them. Also they had the backing of the king Lamoni as well.

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