Thursday, October 1, 2015

Alma 25:6 - 25:10

Alma 25:6 For many of them, after having suffered much loss and so many afflictions, began to be stirred up in remembrance of the words which Aaron and his brethren had preached to them in their land; therefore they began to disbelieve the traditions of their fathers, and to believe in the Lord, and that he gave great power unto the Nephites; and thus there were many of them converted in the wilderness.

The remnant of the Lamanite army began to question the object of their conquest on the Nephites. They began to remember all the suffering they had gone through every time they went to war against the Nephites and came to the conclusion that God was indeed on their side when they experienced the great power they had in battle. They were questioning what they had been taught by their fathers that the Nephites were their enemy needed to be destroyed. They were now beginning to believe that they were in the wrong and needed to believe in God themselves. The result was many were converted in the wilderness.

There must have been some fence sitters in this army, so when the majority began to question the object of their conquest, they came to the conclusion that what Aaron and the others had taught them was true and that the Lamanites needed to convert to save their lives and that their leaders, the Amulonites, were not good for them.

Alma 25:7 And it came to pass that those rulers who were the remnant of the children of Amulon caused that they should be put to death, yea, all those that believed in these things.

The Amulonites could see their leadership over the Lamanites was being question so they were in the mist of finding out who they were becoming converts and executing them.

Alma 25:8 Now this martyrdom caused that many of their brethren should be stirred up to anger; and there began to be contention in the wilderness; and the Lamanites began to hunt the seed of Amulon and his brethren and began to slay them; and they fled into the east wilderness.

This caused rebellion in the ranks and the Lamanites rose up and began to contend with the Amulonites and they were now on the run. They were being hunted and killed as they tried to escape into the east wilderness.

Alma 25:9 And behold they are hunted at this day by the Lamanites. Thus the words of Abinadi were brought to pass, which he said concerning the seed of the priests who caused that he should suffer death by fire.

They were hunted by the Lamanites for a long period of time which was fulfillment of the words of Abinadi over 70 years previously when he said that whatever was done to him would be the fate of the descendants of Amulon and the other priest of Noah.

One might think that prophecy should be fulfilled soon after it is given, but here it took 70 years, give or take and continued long after this time.

Alma 25:10 For he said unto them: What ye shall do unto me shall be a type of things to come.

Again, whatever they did to Adinadi would happen to them and their descendants in due time.

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