Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Alma 30:31 - 30:35

Alma 30:31 And he did rise up in great swelling words before Alma, and did revile against the priests and teachers, accusing them of leading away the people after the silly traditions of their fathers, for the sake of glutting on the labors of the people.

Korihor continues he ramp to Alma by accusing him and the rest of the church leadership of getting rich off the donations and work the members do for each other.

Alma 30:32 Now Alma said unto him: Thou knowest that we do not glut ourselves upon the labors of this people; for behold I have labored even from the commencement of the reign of the judges until now, with mine own hands for my support, notwithstanding my many travels round about the land to declare the word of God unto my people.

Alma put down this accusation by accusing Korihor of knowingly lying about Alma and the other church leaders getting rich because they were taking money from the members to support themselves. Alma tells Korihor that he, himself, has work to support himself with his own hands since the reign of the judges began. And this is in spite of all the traveling he has done around the church to provide leadership and council.

Alma 30:33 And notwithstanding the many labors which I have performed in the church, I have never received so much as even one senine for my labor; neither has any of my brethren, save it were in the judgment-seat; and then we have received only according to law for our time.

So the only pay Alma has received was when he was acting in the office of chief judge and in that he received a paycheck for the time he put in. As far as preforming his church duties, he had not received a dime for his work.

All the other accusations of Korihor could have some merit in the eyes of many, but this was a truly false statement. It could easily be proven false whereas the others were a matter of opinion.

Alma 30:34 And now, if we do not receive anything for our labors in the church, what doth it profit us to labor in the church save it were to declare the truth, that we may have rejoicings in the joy of our brethren?

Now Alma asked Korihor since they do not receive any pay for doing church work, why would they do it? Obviously the reason they did such labor is to fulfil their commitment to bring the truth to the members so all could feel the peace and joy that the gospel brings to faithful members.

Alma 30:35 Then why sayest thou that we preach unto this people to get gain, when thou, of thyself, knowest that we receive no gain? And now, believest thou that we deceive this people, that causes such joy in their hearts?

Alma then asks Korihor why he is lying about Alma and the other church leaders receiving money for their labors in church service when he knows otherwise? Alma then asks Korihor, if he truly believes that Alma doing all this to deceive the church members for some evil purpose?

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