Sunday, November 8, 2015

Alma 31:26 - 31:30

Alma 31:26 And he lifted up his voice to heaven, and cried, saying: O, how long, O Lord, wilt thou suffer that thy servants shall dwell here below in the flesh, to behold such gross wickedness among the children of men?

Alma now prays to heaven, on behalf of myself and his companions. He asks God how long will he and his companions have to be on earth to see such wickedness?

Alma has seen lots of it over his life time. One wonders at times just how does one had to see before he is taken to a better place? Well that is up to the Lord. But what is certain, we will see what we need to see or experience that will help us in the world to come.

Alma 31:27 Behold, O God, they cry unto thee, and yet their hearts are swallowed up in their pride. Behold, O God, they cry unto thee with their mouths, while they are puffed up, even to greatness, with the vain things of the world.

Alma points out that even though the Zoramites are regular church goers and they pray, their hearts are really filled with pride over their possessions, that is their real God.

Alma 31:28 Behold, O my God, their costly apparel, and their ringlets, and their bracelets, and their ornaments of gold, and all their precious things which they are ornamented with; and behold, their hearts are set upon them, and yet they cry unto thee and say—We thank thee, O God, for we are a chosen people unto thee, while others shall perish.

It is saddening to see people thanking God that they are special and are better than all the other people of the earth. It is compounded with the fact that they measure their exclusiveness by their apparel. They are totally wrapped up in their clothing and jewelry.

Many people on this earth measure your quality by the clothes and jewelry you ware. Not wearing the latest fashions, then you are not one of us.

Alma 31:29 Yea, and they say that thou hast made it known unto them that there shall be no Christ.

Alma is very dismayed over the idea these Zoramites have concerning Christ. How could they have such a doctrine that there will be no Christ?

Alma 31:30 O Lord God, how long wilt thou suffer that such wickedness and infidelity shall be among this people? O Lord, wilt thou give me strength, that I may bear with mine infirmities. For I am infirm, and such wickedness among this people doth pain my soul.

Alma asks how long can the Lord allow this sort of behavior to last? How long will he allow the unfaithfulness of the Zoramites to continue? Alma asks for strength to be loving and kind to these folks in spite of the wickedness he sees. He is firm in the gospel, but he will need a lot of support from God to deal with these people for they sicken him.

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