Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Alma 37:11 - 37:15

Alma 37: 11 Now these mysteries are not yet fully made known unto me; therefore I shall forbear.

Alma does not comprehend how everything will turn out for the Nephites and Lamanites in detail so he will not try to apply the previous statements to the future.

Alma 37: 12 And it may suffice if I only say they are preserved for a wise purpose, which purpose is known unto God; for he doth counsel in wisdom over all his works, and his paths are straight, and his course is one eternal round.

Alma says “Let’s just say that the preservation of the plates will be critical and only He knows the exact roll they will play in the future. Just know that He does everything in a certain manner and never deviates from it. God will always tell us just what we need to know to accomplish what He needs done.

It is a rare thing that one will get a detail picture of why they feel inspired to do something. Often times it is “do this and don’t worry about why", or "I know and that is enough for you to know". It will it all work out and God’s will will be come to pass just as He wants it too.

Alma 37: 13 O remember, remember, my son Helaman, how strict are the commandments of God. And he said: If ye will keep my commandments ye shall prosper in the land—but if ye keep not his commandments ye shall be cut off from his presence.

Alma reiterates that it is critical that Helaman keep the commandments of God in order to prosper and not be cut off from God’s influence.

Alma 37: 14 And now remember, my son, that God has entrusted you with these things, which are sacred, which he has kept sacred, and also which he will keep and preserve for a wise purpose in him, that he may show forth his power unto future generations.

And if he will do so, the records entrusted to him will be preserved. Again they are to be preserved for a wise purpose in the future known only to Him at present. And when the records are brought forth in the future they will show the power that God has in seeing the future and setting up things to bring about what He what brought about.

Alma 37: 15 And now behold, I tell you by the spirit of prophecy, that if ye transgress the commandments of God, behold, these things which are sacred shall be taken away from you by the power of God, and ye shall be delivered up unto Satan, that he may sift you as chaff before the wind.

One thing is certain in relation to the preservation of the records that have been entrusted to Helaman. If he does not keep the commandments, he will have the records taken from him and he will fall to satan’s domination.

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