Friday, December 4, 2015

Alma 35:1 - 35:5

Alma 35: 1 Now it came to pass that after Amulek had made an end of these words, they withdrew themselves from the multitude and came over into the land of Jershon.

After Alma and Amulek had finished with the Zoramites, they journeyed to the land of Jershon.

Alma 35: 2 Yea, and the rest of the brethren, after they had preached the word unto the Zoramites, also came over into the land of Jershon.

They were then joined by the rest of the brethren that had went with them to the Zoramnites.

Alma 35: 3 And it came to pass that after the more popular part of the Zoramites had consulted together concerning the words which had been preached unto them, they were angry because of the word, for it did destroy their craft; therefore they would not hearken unto the words.

After the departure of the missionaries, the leaders and celebrities of the Zoramites got together to consider when they had said to them. They were not happy as it put down their form of worship and thereby control over the people in general.

Alma 35: 4 And they sent and gathered together throughout all the land all the people, and consulted with them concerning the words which had been spoken.

The leadership then asked for a gathering of the people to gage their reaction to the words of Alma and his companions.

Alma 35: 5 Now their rulers and their priests and their teachers did not let the people know concerning their desires; therefore they found out privily the minds of all the people.

The leadership did not want the people to know that what they really wanted to do was find out who was sympathetic to Alma’s preaching, they were asking for reaction from the people. They then went around to see exactly which individual were agreeing with Alma.

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