Sunday, February 21, 2016

Alma 43:51 - 43:54

Alma 43: 51 Now, the Lamanites were more numerous, yea, by more than double the number of the Nephites; nevertheless, they were driven insomuch that they were gathered together in one body in the valley, upon the bank by the river Sidon.

The Lamanites were double the number of the Nephites. So they gather together into one body on the bank of the river Sidon.

Alma 43: 52 Therefore the armies of Moroni encircled them about, yea, even on both sides of the river, for behold, on the east were the men of Lehi.

Now the Lamanites were totally surrounded with Moroni in front of them and Lehi and his army at their rear on the other side of the river.

Alma 43: 53 Therefore when Zerahemnah saw the men of Lehi on the east of the river Sidon, and the armies of Moroni on the west of the river Sidon, that they were encircled about by the Nephites, they were struck with terror.

Now the army of the Lamanites under the command of Zerahemnah had no way of escape and now they began to fear for their very lives.

Alma 43: 54 Now Moroni, when he saw their terror, commanded his men that they should stop shedding their blood.

However, when Moroni saw the fear in the Lamanite eyes, he stopped the fighting.

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