Thursday, March 10, 2016

Alma 46:26 - 46:30

Alma 46: 26 Now behold, this was the language of Jacob.

These were the words of Jacob or Israel.

Alma 46: 27 And now who knoweth but what the remnant of the seed of Joseph, which shall perish as his garment, are those who have dissented from us? Yea, and even it shall be ourselves if we do not stand fast in the faith of Christ.

Alma asks if these prophecies of Jacob about the part of Joseph’s coat that was not destroyed by Joseph’s brothers don’t apply to those Nephites that have left and went over to the Lamanites or who have become descanters or if they apply to the Nephites that lose their testimonies of Jesus Christ?

It also applies to us in our day if we do not endure to the end.

Alma 46: 28 And now it came to pass that when Moroni had said these words he went forth, and also sent forth in all the parts of the land where there were dissensions, and gathered together all the people who were desirous to maintain their liberty, to stand against Amalickiah and those who had dissented, who were called Amalickiahites.

Moroni then went into all parts of the lands of the Nephites where there was conflict between those who wanted Amalickiah to be king and those who wanted to keep their liberties to proclaim his message and display his title of liberty. The dissenters were now referred to as Amalickites.

Alma 46: 29 And it came to pass that when Amalickiah saw that the people of Moroni were more numerous than the Amalickiahites—and he also saw that his people were doubtful concerning the justice of the cause in which they had undertaken—therefore, fearing that he should not gain the point, he took those of his people who would and departed into the land of Nephi.

Moroni’s words and standard of liberty was having its intended affect. Those who had been convinced as the to reasoning of Amalickiah, were now beginning to question it merits. Amalickiah could see that his influence was now in question. Rather than lose what support he had, he decided to take his followers and go up to the land of Nephi to join with the Lamanites.

Alma 46: 30 Now Moroni thought it was not expedient that the Lamanites should have any more strength; therefore he thought to cut off the people of Amalickiah, or to take them and bring them back, and put Amalickiah to death; yea, for he knew that he would stir up the Lamanites to anger against them, and cause them to come to battle against them; and this he knew that Amalickiah would do that he might obtain his purposes.

When Moroni found out about the plans of Amalickiah to join with the Lamanites, he decided to cut off the Amalickites and put Amalickiah to death for treason. He knew that if Amalickiah was able to join up with the Lamanites that he would convince them to join with him and he would attack the Nephites with the help of the Lamanites at some future date.

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