Saturday, April 16, 2016

Alma 52:6 - 52:10

Alma 52: 6 But he kept his men round about, as if making preparations for war; yea, and truly he was preparing to defend himself against them, by casting up walls round about and preparing places of resort.

Teancum did not vacate the field but stayed closed by so the Lamanites would not come out of their fortified positions to attack other areas. Thinking that if the Lamanites did come out of their strongholds they would attack him because he was preventing them from continuing their invasion, Teancum began to build his own strongholds similar to the pattern of other Nephite strongholds with piles of earth and walls.

Alma 52: 7 And it came to pass that he kept thus preparing for war until Moroni had sent a large number of men to strengthen his army.

Teancum was waiting for Moroni to send him more men.

Alma 52: 8 And Moroni also sent orders unto him that he should retain all the prisoners who fell into his hands; for as the Lamanites had taken many prisoners, that he should retain all the prisoners of the Lamanites as a ransom for those whom the Lamanites had taken.

Moroni had instructed Teancum to retain all this prisoners of war which would be use to trade for the Nephite prisoners that the Lamanites held.

Alma 52: 9 And he also sent orders unto him that he should fortify the land Bountiful, and secure the narrow pass which led into the land northward, lest the Lamanites should obtain that point and should have power to harass them on every side.

Moroni also ordered Teancum to secure the narrow pass that lead to the land northward to prevent the Lamanites more using the land northward to harasses the Nephites on various points of Nephite territory.

Alma 52: 10 And Moroni also sent unto him, desiring him that he would be faithful in maintaining that quarter of the land, and that he would seek every opportunity to scourge the Lamanites in that quarter, as much as was in his power, that perhaps he might take again by stratagem or some other way those cities which had been taken out of their hands; and that he also would fortify and strengthen the cities round about, which had not fallen into the hands of the Lamanites.

Until Moroni could send more men, Moroni ordered Teancum to try to maintain what cities and lands the Nephites still had controlled and to harasses the Lamanites at every opportunity. He was also to look for ways he could retake the cities that had fallen to the Lamanites and increase the strength of the cities the Nephites still held so that they would not fall to the Lamanites.

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