Saturday, April 30, 2016

Alma 54:16 - 54:20

Alma 54: 16 I am Ammoron, the king of the Lamanites; I am the brother of Amalickiah whom ye have murdered. Behold, I will avenge his blood upon you, yea, and I will come upon you with my armies for I fear not your threatenings.

In response to Moroni’s letter, Ammoron writes that he is the king of the Lamanites and the brother of Amalickiah who was “murdered” by the Teacum and he will avenge his brothers murder. Moroni’s threats do not scare Ammoron.

Alma 54: 17 For behold, your fathers did wrong their brethren, insomuch that they did rob them of their right to the government when it rightly belonged unto them.

Ammoron says that their cause is to right the wrongs committed 500 hundred years previous when the right of government was taken from Laman by Nephi.

Alma 54: 18 And now behold, if ye will lay down your arms, and subject yourselves to be governed by those to whom the government doth rightly belong, then will I cause that my people shall lay down their weapons and shall be at war no more.

Ammoron offer is to quit the war if Moroni will lay down his arms and the Nephites become subject to him.

Alma 54: 19 Behold, ye have breathed out many threatenings against me and my people; but behold, we fear not your threatenings.

Ammoron says he dismisses Moroni threats and feels confident he can beat him in battle.

Alma 54: 20 Nevertheless, I will grant to exchange prisoners according to your request, gladly, that I may preserve my food for my men of war; and we will wage a war which shall be eternal, either to the subjecting the Nephites to our authority or to their eternal extinction.

But in spite of Moroni’s threats, Ammoron will exchange prisons as offered by Moroni. Ammoron would then be able to use his supplies to feed his own forces rather than his prisoners and thereby give him more men to fight the Nephites.

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