Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Alma 54:1 - 54:5

Alma 54: 1 And now it came to pass in the commencement of the twenty and ninth year of the judges, that Ammoron sent unto Moroni desiring that he would exchange prisoners.

At the beginning of the 29th year, Ammoron, the Lamanite king wanted to exchange prisoners with Moroni.

Alma 54: 2 And it came to pass that Moroni felt to rejoice exceedingly at this request, for he desired the provisions which were imparted for the support of the Lamanite prisoners for the support of his own people; and he also desired his own people for the strengthening of his army.

This was playing into Moroni’s hands. Moroni was concerned for the supplies he was expending to maintain the Lamanite POWs. He would rather use the supplies to keep his own people alive instead.

Alma 54: 3 Now the Lamanites had taken many women and children, and there was not a woman nor a child among all the prisoners of Moroni, or the prisoners whom Moroni had taken; therefore Moroni resolved upon a stratagem to obtain as many prisoners of the Nephites from the Lamanites as it were possible.

Many of the prisoners taken by the Lamanites were women and children. However, all Moroni’s prisoners were fighting men. Since Ammoron was open for a prisoner exchange, Moroni devised a plan.

Alma 54: 4 Therefore he wrote an epistle, and sent it by the servant of Ammoron, the same who had brought an epistle to Moroni. Now these are the words which he wrote unto Ammoron, saying:

Moroni wrote a message to be sent back to Ammoron by the same messenger that was sent by Ammoron.

Alma 54: 5 Behold, Ammoron, I have written unto you somewhat concerning this war which ye have waged against my people, or rather which thy brother hath waged against them, and which ye are still determined to carry on after his death.

Moroni start by telling Ammoron that he has been the cause for all the warfare since the death of his brother Amalickiah.

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