Monday, February 2, 2015

Mosiah 19:26 - 19:29

Mosiah 19:26 And also Limhi, being the son of the king, having the kingdom conferred upon him by the people, made oath unto the king of the Lamanites that his people should pay tribute unto him, even one half of all they possessed.

One of king Noah’s sons was made the king of the Nephites and also entered into this agreement with the king of the Lamanites of a tribute of 50% of all they produced.

Mosiah 19:27 And it came to pass that Limhi began to establish the kingdom and to establish peace among his people.

Peace was established between the Lamanites and Nephites in the land of Nephi.

Mosiah 19:28 And the king of the Lamanites set guards round about the land, that he might keep the people of Limhi in the land, that they might not depart into the wilderness; and he did support his guards out of the tribute which he did receive from the Nephites.

The Lamanites now placed guards all around the land to watch and make sure that the Nephites did not try to escape into the wilderness. The tribute was used to support these guards and their families.

Mosiah 19:29 And now king Limhi did have continual peace in his kingdom for the space of two years, that the Lamanites did not molest them nor seek to destroy them.

This situation had been in place of two years in which the Lamanites did not brother the Nephites or try to kill them off.

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