Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Mosiah 20:6 - 20:10

Mosiah 20:6 And it came to pass that when the Lamanites found that their daughters had been missing, they were angry with the people of Limhi, for they thought it was the people of Limhi.

When the Lamanites found out that 24 of their daughters had not return home, they thought that the Nephites under Limhi had taken them.

Mosiah 20:7 Therefore they sent their armies forth; yea, even the king himself went before his people; and they went up to the land of Nephi to destroy the people of Limhi.

Where upon the Lamanite king himself lead an army against Limhi’s people to kill them all.

Mosiah 20:8 And now Limhi had discovered them from the tower, even all their preparations for war did he discover; therefore he gathered his people together, and laid wait for them in the fields and in the forests.

However, Limhi’s watchmen, saw the Lamanite army coming and told the king. The Nephites hid themselves in the nearby forest and in their fields where upon they were able to surprise them.

Mosiah 20:9 And it came to pass that when the Lamanites had come up, that the people of Limhi began to fall upon them from their waiting places, and began to slay them.

The Lamanites thinking they were able to destroy the Nephites easily found themselves surrounded and in a very heated fight.

Mosiah 20:10 And it came to pass that the battle became exceedingly sore, for they fought like lions for their prey.

The battle became one sided as the Nephites were fighting for their very lives as they were fighting like wild animals over their food.

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