Monday, March 2, 2015

Mosiah 22:6 - 22:10

Mosiah 22:6 Behold the back pass, through the back wall, on the back side of the city. The Lamanites, or the guards of the Lamanites, by night are drunken; therefore let us send a proclamation among all this people that they gather together their flocks and herds, that they may drive them into the wilderness by night.

Gideon has a plan to escape by the back door of the city which is close to the wilderness. The gate is guarded by bunch of Lamanites that are usually drunk by dark and when they have passed out, the people can escape the city with their possessions and livestock and flee into the wilderness on the back side of the city.

Mosiah 22:7 And I will go according to thy command and pay the last tribute of wine to the Lamanites, and they will be drunken; and we will pass through the secret pass on the left of their camp when they are drunken and asleep.

To make sure they are drunk, Gideon will give them wine, himself. When they have passed out, the people can then escape through the secret pass which is on the left side of their guard post.

Mosiah 22:8 Thus we will depart with our women and our children, our flocks, and our herds into the wilderness; and we will travel around the land of Shilom.

The people can then travel around the land of Shilom to head for Zarahemla with Ammon leading the way.

Mosiah 22:9 And it came to pass that the king hearkened unto the words of Gideon.

Limhi liked the plan and commanded it's execution.

Mosiah 22:10 And king Limhi caused that his people should gather their flocks together; and he sent the tribute of wine to the Lamanites; and he also sent more wine, as a present unto them; and they did drink freely of the wine which king Limhi did send unto them.

The people did gather their flocks and did send a tribute of wine with an extra portion to the Lamanite guards which they did partake of freely.

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