Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Mosiah 22:11- 22:16

Mosiah 22:11 And it came to pass that the people of king Limhi did depart by night into the wilderness with their flocks and their herds, and they went round about the land of Shilom in the wilderness, and bent their course towards the land of Zarahemla, being led by Ammon and his brethren.

With the guards passed out from the wine that evening, the people made their escape.

Mosiah 22:12 And they had taken all their gold, and silver, and their precious things, which they could carry, and also their provisions with them, into the wilderness; and they pursued their journey.

The people also took their precious possessions such as gold and silver along with food and supplies.
[One wonders how a people could travel fast in the wilderness carrying heavy possessions and herding livestock. You would think that the Lamanites would be pursuing them with light armament and could overtake these people easily. But the nature of the wilderness may be that the land or maybe a swampy land would leave no tracks to follow.]

Mosiah 22:13 And after being many days in the wilderness they arrived in the land of Zarahemla, and joined Mosiah’s people, and became his subjects.

Anyway, Limhi and his people lead by Ammon arrive in Zarahemla and to safely after many days.

Mosiah 22:14 And it came to pass that Mosiah received them with joy; and he also received their records, and also the records which had been found by the people of Limhi.

Mosiah was thrilled to have these additional people to join with the other Nephites. He was very interested in the records that Limhi brought.

Mosiah 22:15 And now it came to pass when the Lamanites had found that the people of Limhi had departed out of the land by night, that they sent an army into the wilderness to pursue them;

When the Lamanites found out that Limhi and his people had escape into the wilderness, they sent an army to bring them back.

Mosiah 22:16 And after they had pursued them two days, they could no longer follow their tracks; therefore they were lost in the wilderness.

However after a couple of day they lost their tracks and gave up the pursuit.
[Wonder what kind to ground the escapees were across over. How could you lose the tracks of a large group of people and their animals after a couple of days? Either it was hard ground, swamp, or shifting sands.]

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