Thursday, June 25, 2015

Alma 11:31 - 11:35

Alma 11:31 And he said: An angel hath made them known unto me.

Amulek says that an angel told him the things he has testified too.

This is a very strong witness. Being told by the Holy Ghost is one thing, which I have experienced many times in my life, but to be told by an angel is altogether a different thing. One would think that is a very powerful witness and the most powerful witness on could have, but the Holy Ghost is even stronger. Laman and Lemuel rejected angels. It is the turning one back on the Holy Ghost that get you into real trouble and no forgiveness. Rejecting angels' witnesses not so much, but still one will have a problem, but not a nearly a problem as rejecting the Holy Ghost.

Alma 11:32 And Zeezrom said again: Who is he that shall come? Is it the Son of God?

Zeezrom now asks if it is the Son of God that is expected on come to earth in the near future?

Obviously Zeezrom knows something about the scriptures to ask this question. He is not however, seeking information for his benefit. He is trying to find some part of Amulek's teachings that he can show the people that is in contradiction to the doctrines he knows about.

Alma 11:33 And he said unto him, Yea.

Amulek responds by saying yes.

Alma 11:34 And Zeezrom said again: Shall he save his people in their sins? And Amulek answered and said unto him: I say unto you he shall not, for it is impossible for him to deny his word.

Zeezrom than asks if this Son of God will save his people IN their sins. Amulek said he will not save them IN their sins because that is not what the scriptures means when it talks about saving the people.

Alma 11:35 Now Zeezrom said unto the people: See that ye remember these things; for he said there is but one God; yet he saith that the Son of God shall come, but he shall not save his people—as though he had authority to command God.

Zeezrom now makes his play to bring down Amulek. He wants the people to made a mental note of what he just said. Amulek said that there is only one God but that the Son of God will come to earth. But this Son of God will not save his people. Zeezrom makes the leap of argument that Amulek is now forbidding the Son of God to carry out His mission as if Amulek has the power tell Him not to do so.

Amulek is trying to say that the what the Savior will do or at least he going to try to show where Zeezrom has the wrong idea as to what the mission of the Son of God is. But what Zeezrom is doing is accusing Amulek of meaning something he did not mean.

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