Saturday, September 5, 2015

Alma 20:11 - 20:15

Alma 20:11 And it came to pass that Lamoni rehearsed unto him whither he was going, for he feared to offend him.

Lamoni then told his father where he was going and why. He did not want to anger his father.

Alma 20:12 And he also told him all the cause of his tarrying in his own kingdom, that he did not go unto his father to the feast which he had prepared.

Lamoni also gave an excuse as to why he did not make his appearance at the celebration that his father had asked him to come too.

Alma 20:13 And now when Lamoni had rehearsed unto him all these things, behold, to his astonishment, his father was angry with him, and said: Lamoni, thou art going to deliver these Nephites, who are sons of a liar. Behold, he robbed our fathers; and now his children are also come amongst us that they may, by their cunning and their lyings, deceive us, that they again may rob us of our property.

Lamoni’s father reacted to his excuse by accusing Ammon of being a liar and the descendant of liars. His father accused the Nephites of having robbed the Lamanite ancestors in the past of their possessions and property and now they seem to trying to do the same now.

Alma 20:14 Now the father of Lamoni commanded him that he should slay Ammon with the sword. And he also commanded him that he should not go to the land of Middoni, but that he should return with him to the land of Ishmael.

After Lamoni had rehearsed all the events that caused his not coming, his father reacted with anger and told his son to kill Ammon. He told him not to go the Middoni to free Ammon’s brother and to come with him to the land Ishmael.

Alma 20:15 But Lamoni said unto him: I will not slay Ammon, neither will I return to the land of Ishmael, but I go to the land of Middoni that I may release the brethren of Ammon, for I know that they are just men and holy prophets of the true God.

Lamoni refused to obey his father and said he was going to Middoni to obtain the release of Ammon’s brother. They were good men and prophets of God.

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