Saturday, January 2, 2016

Alma 40:16 - 40:20

Alma 40: 16 And behold, again it hath been spoken, that there is a first resurrection, a resurrection of all those who have been, or who are, or who shall be, down to the resurrection of Christ from the dead.

There has been speculation that the “first resurrection” will consist of those who have been born so far and who will be born up to the time of Christ’s resurrection.

Alma 40: 17 Now, we do not suppose that this first resurrection, which is spoken of in this manner, can be the resurrection of the souls and their consignation to happiness or misery. Ye cannot suppose that this is what it meaneth.

Alma thinks that this “first resurrection” and the assigning of souls to their final state in the hereafter is not what this first resurrection resurrection really entails.

Alma 40: 18 Behold, I say unto you, Nay; but it meaneth the reuniting of the soul with the body, of those from the days of Adam down to the resurrection of Christ.

So the first resurrection will affect those folks who have been born from the time of Adam up to the time of Christ.

Alma 40: 19 Now, whether the souls and the bodies of those of whom has been spoken shall all be reunited at once, the wicked as well as the righteous, I do not say; let it suffice, that I say that they all come forth; or in other words, their resurrection cometh to pass before the resurrection of those who die after the resurrection of Christ.

He does not say that this first resurrection will consist both the wicked and the righteous. But it will be for those born before Christ and those who are born after Christ will come next.

Alma 40: 20 Now, my son, I do not say that their resurrection cometh at the resurrection of Christ; but behold, I give it as my opinion, that the souls and the bodies are reunited, of the righteous, at the resurrection of Christ, and his ascension into heaven.

However, it is Alma’s opinion that there will be a resurrection of those who were born before Christ at the time Christ is resurrected and returns to heaven.

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