Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Alma 45:6 - 45:10

Alma 45: 6 And Alma said unto him again: Will ye keep my commandments?

Alma asks if Helaman will do be faithful in doing all that Alma will call him to do.

Alma 45: 7 And he said: Yea, I will keep thy commandments with all my heart.

Helaman comments to keeping all the commandments of God with all the capabilities he possess.

Alma 45: 8 Then Alma said unto him: Blessed art thou; and the Lord shall prosper thee in this land.

Alma tells Helaman that he will then prosper in the land.

I wonder if “prosper in the land” means pacifically prosper as far as material possessions goes? I’m thinking it could mean spiritually prospering such as additional help from the Holy Ghost to help with trials and tribulations. Having the influence of the Holy Ghost in one’s life sure will go a long way to helping one to continually get better at living correctly. That does not mean they will be free from trials, but it does mean they will be able to come out a better person because they followed the Holy Ghost in knowing what steps to take to overcome problems.

Alma 45: 9 But behold, I have somewhat to prophesy unto thee; but what I prophesy unto thee ye shall not make known; yea, what I prophesy unto thee shall not be made known, even until the prophecy is fulfilled; therefore write the words which I shall say.

Alma now wants to give Helaman some intelligence from the Lord on future events that Helaman is to record on the plates of Nephi but not reveal to anyone until the Lord says so.

Alma 45: 10 And these are the words: Behold, I perceive that this very people, the Nephites, according to the spirit of revelation which is in me, in four hundred years from the time that Jesus Christ shall manifest himself unto them, shall dwindle in unbelief.

Alma tells Helaman that some 400 years after Christ will appear to the Nephites that they the Nephites will become an apostate people and no longer seek to follow the gospel plan.

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