Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Alma 45:11 - 45:15

Alma 45: 11 Yea, and then shall they see wars and pestilences, yea, famines and bloodshed, even until the people of Nephi shall become extinct—

The Nephites at this future time will become extinct by wars, famine and disease.

Alma 45: 12 Yea, and this because they shall dwindle in unbelief and fall into the works of darkness, and lasciviousness, and all manner of iniquities; yea, I say unto you, that because they shall sin against so great light and knowledge, yea, I say unto you, that from that day, even the fourth generation shall not all pass away before this great iniquity shall come.

The reason for this is because of the wickedness they chose to live by rather than the gospel. They will choose to live lives of perversion rather than live by the example of the gospel light that they had all around them. They will literally choose to adopt wickedness in the literal face of righteousness that was in place for the previous 400 years.

Alma 45: 13 And when that great day cometh, behold, the time very soon cometh that those who are now, or the seed of those who are now numbered among the people of Nephi, shall no more be numbered among the people of Nephi.

And the next result will be that those who are Nephites will no more be Nephites.

Alma 45: 14 But whosoever remaineth, and is not destroyed in that great and dreadful day, shall be numbered among the Lamanites, and shall become like unto them, all, save it be a few who shall be called the disciples of the Lord; and them shall the Lamanites pursue even until they shall become extinct. And now, because of iniquity, this prophecy shall be fulfilled.

The net result will be that the Nephites will either become Lamanites and adopted their ways or become extinct. This will include the disciples of Christ as well. This is a sure prophecy.

Alma 45: 15 And now it came to pass that after Alma had said these things to Helaman, he blessed him, and also his other sons; and he also blessed the earth for the righteous’ sake.

After Alma revealed this prophecy to Helaman, he blessed his son along with his other sons and the earth as well.

I wonder how Helaman felt after this prophecy was revealed to Helaman and was told not to tell anyone?

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