Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Alma 51:21 - 51:25

Alma 51: 21 And thus Moroni put an end to those king-men, that there were not any known by the appellation of king-men; and thus he put an end to the stubbornness and the pride of those people who professed the blood of nobility; but they were brought down to humble themselves like unto their brethren, and to fight valiantly for their freedom from bondage.

With the suppression of the kingsmen, Moroni had ended the support for these prideful people. They now were now in line with the idea that they had to support the government and their personal freedoms just like everyone else. Their so called “high birth” did not give them special privileges or that they were somehow superior and had the right to rule the people.

Alma 51: 22 Behold, it came to pass that while Moroni was thus breaking down the wars and contentions among his own people, and subjecting them to peace and civilization, and making regulations to prepare for war against the Lamanites, behold, the Lamanites had come into the land of Moroni, which was in the borders by the seashore.

While all the efforts to suppress the kingsmen and getting ready for the Lamanites, Amalickiah had made his first moves against the Nephite defenses. He attacked the land of Moroni which was near the seashore.

Alma 51: 23 And it came to pass that the Nephites were not sufficiently strong in the city of Moroni; therefore Amalickiah did drive them, slaying many. And it came to pass that Amalickiah took possession of the city, yea, possession of all their fortifications.

The city of Moroni fell to Amalickiah as it was not strong enough to defend against his large Lamanite army. Many Nephites of the city were killed. Amalickiah now had possession of the city and the fortifications that went with it that Moroni had caused to be construction around it.

Alma 51: 24 And those who fled out of the city of Moroni came to the city of Nephihah; and also the people of the city of Lehi gathered themselves together, and made preparations and were ready to receive the Lamanites to battle.

The survivors from Moroni fled to the city of Nephihah to prepare to meet the Lamanites there. They were joined by the people of the city of Lehi as well.

Alma 51: 25 But it came to pass that Amalickiah would not suffer the Lamanites to go against the city of Nephihah to battle, but kept them down by the seashore, leaving men in every city to maintain and defend it.

Amalickiah decided not to attached Nephihah, but left defenders in Moroni and then started attacking cities near the seashore and leaving Lamanite defenders in them as he made his way down the coast.

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