Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Alma 51:26 - 51:30

Alma 51: 26 And thus he went on, taking possession of many cities, the city of Nephihah, and the city of Lehi, and the city of Morianton, and the city of Omner, and the city of Gid, and the city of Mulek, all of which were on the east borders by the seashore.

Amalickiah continued his military campaign taking the cities of Nephihah, Lehi, Morianton, Omner, Gid, and Mulek all of which were on the eastern borders by the sea.

Alma 51: 27 And thus had the Lamanites obtained, by the cunning of Amalickiah, so many cities, by their numberless hosts, all of which were strongly fortified after the manner of the fortifications of Moroni; all of which afforded strongholds for the Lamanites.

These cities were taken because of the intelligence of Amalickiah and his battle plans. These cities which were to be strongholds for the Nephites created by Moroni now became strongholds for the Lamanites.

Alma 51: 28 And it came to pass that they marched to the borders of the land Bountiful, driving the Nephites before them and slaying many.

The Lamanites did not stop there but continued into the land of Bountiful, killing anyone who resisted them.

Alma 51: 29 But it came to pass that they were met by Teancum, who had slain Morianton and had headed his people in his flight.

But now they came against the army of Teancum, the one who had stopped the flight of the people or Morianton and who had killed its leader.

Alma 51: 30 And it came to pass that he headed Amalickiah also, as he was marching forth with his numerous army that he might take possession of the land Bountiful, and also the land northward.

Teancum stopped Amalickiah in his tracks. The Lamanites were aiming to take the land of Bountiful and the land northward, but Teancum and his army stopped them cold.

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