Thursday, April 21, 2016

Alma 52:31 - 52:35

Alma 52: 31 And it came to pass that before the Lamanites had retreated far they were surrounded by the Nephites, by the men of Moroni on one hand, and the men of Lehi on the other, all of whom were fresh and full of strength; but the Lamanites were wearied because of their long march.

As the Lamanites began their return march to Mulek, they now found themselves hemmed in by Moroni’s army ahead of them and Lehi’s army coming up on their rear. The Lamanites were very tired from chasing Teancum while Moroni’s and Lehi’s men were rested and ready to fight.

Alma 52: 32 And Moroni commanded his men that they should fall upon them until they had given up their weapons of war.

Moroni commenced to attack the Lamanites to prevent them from returning to Mulek.

Alma 52: 33 And it came to pass that Jacob, being their leader, being also a Zoramite, and having an unconquerable spirit, he led the Lamanites forth to battle with exceeding fury against Moroni.

Jacob the leader of the Lamanites and a Zoramite fought back with real determination.

Alma 52: 34 Moroni being in their course of march, therefore Jacob was determined to slay them and cut his way through to the city of Mulek. But behold, Moroni and his men were more powerful; therefore they did not give way before the Lamanites.

Since Moroni’s army stood between Lamanites and their stronghold of Mulek, fought with great passion trying desperately to return to their stronghold at Mulek.

Alma 52: 35 And it came to pass that they fought on both hands with exceeding fury; and there were many slain on both sides; yea, and Moroni was wounded and Jacob was killed.

The battle was so intense that many were killed on both sides. Moroni was wounded and Jacob was killed.

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