Friday, April 22, 2016

Alma 52:36 - 52:40

Alma 52: 36 And Lehi pressed upon their rear with such fury with his strong men, that the Lamanites in the rear delivered up their weapons of war; and the remainder of them, being much confused, knew not whither to go or to strike.

Meanwhile Lehi’s fighters were attacking the Lamanite rear with such fury that they surrendered and laid down their weapons. What was left of the Lamanites were now not sure which way to attack.

Alma 52: 37 Now Moroni seeing their confusion, he said unto them: If ye will bring forth your weapons of war and deliver them up, behold we will forbear shedding your blood.

Moroni sensed their confusion and offered to spare their lives if they would surrender.

Alma 52: 38 And it came to pass that when the Lamanites had heard these words, their chief captains, all those who were not slain, came forth and threw down their weapons of war at the feet of Moroni, and also commanded their men that they should do the same.

The surviving leadership of the Lamanites did give up their weapons and commanded their men to do so.

Alma 52: 39 But behold, there were many that would not; and those who would not deliver up their swords were taken and bound, and their weapons of war were taken from them, and they were compelled to march with their brethren forth into the land Bountiful.

However, there were many how would not give up their weapons and they were taken from them. All the Lamanites were then marched towards Bountiful.

Alma 52: 40 And now the number of prisoners who were taken exceeded more than the number of those who had been slain, yea, more than those who had been slain on both sides.

The number of Lamanite prisoners exceeded the number of those who were killed on both sides.

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