Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Alma 50:31 - 50:35

Alma 50: 31 And it came to pass that she fled, and came over to the camp of Moroni, and told Moroni all things concerning the matter, and also concerning their intentions to flee into the land northward.

The servant girl escapes from Morianton and flees to Moroni’s encampment. She tells of Morianton’s plans to flee northward.

Alma 50: 32 Now behold, the people who were in the land Bountiful, or rather Moroni, feared that they would hearken to the words of Morianton and unite with his people, and thus he would obtain possession of those parts of the land, which would lay a foundation for serious consequences among the people of Nephi, yea, which consequences would lead to the overthrow of their liberty.

The report of the servant girl gave grave concern to the people of Moroni. They were worried that some of the people of in the land Bountiful would want to join up with Morianton and give him control over strategic areas of Nephite lands. If he were to gain control that would undermine the power of the government to maintain their liberties.

This would explain why Moroni wanted to stop these people from going northward. One might say good riddens and let them go north or wherever they wanted, but Moroni feared they would disrupt the defenses already in place and would need their support. He just could not afford to have people that were not that far away coming back to cause trouble.

Alma 50: 33 Therefore Moroni sent an army, with their camp, to head the people of Morianton, to stop their flight into the land northward.

Moroni then sent an army to stop Morianton and his followers from fleeing northward.

Alma 50: 34 And it came to pass that they did not head them until they had come to the borders of the land Desolation; and there they did head them, by the narrow pass which led by the sea into the land northward, yea, by the sea, on the west and on the east.

The army did not catch up with Morianton until they were the narrow pass which was near the sea shore.

Alma 50: 35 And it came to pass that the army which was sent by Moroni, which was led by a man whose name was Teancum, did meet the people of Morianton; and so stubborn were the people of Morianton, (being inspired by his wickedness and his flattering words) that a battle commenced between them, in the which Teancum did slay Morianton and defeat his army, and took them prisoners, and returned to the camp of Moroni. And thus ended the twenty and fourth year of the reign of the judges over the people of Nephi.

A man named Teancum led Moroni’s army. When he caught up with Teancum he gave them the choice of returning with him or resisting. Morianton was not going to give up his position and a battle commence. Teancum killed Morianton and those who would not give up. The rest Teancum brought back to the camp of Moroni. And that is how the 24 year ended.

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