Thursday, April 7, 2016

Alma 50:36 - 50:40

Alma 50: 36 And thus were the people of Morianton brought back. And upon their covenanting to keep the peace they were restored to the land of Morianton, and a union took place between them and the people of Lehi; and they were also restored to their lands.

The people of Morianton were brought back to their lands by Teancum. When they all made a covenant with Moroni that they would behave themselves and support the government, they were allowed to stay on their lands. The people of Lehi, seeing the danger over the people of Morianton, returned to their lands. Then both groups formed a union and worked together to made their combined lands better than they were before.

Alma 50: 37 And it came to pass that in the same year that the people of Nephi had peace restored unto them, that Nephihah, the second chief judge, died, having filled the judgment-seat with perfect uprightness before God.

In this year Nephihah, the chief judge died. He was the second chief judge since the establishment of the judges. He was a good man and conducted the affairs of the office with uprightness.

Alma 50: 38 Nevertheless, he had refused Alma to take possession of those records and those things which were esteemed by Alma and his fathers to be most sacred; therefore Alma had conferred them upon his son, Helaman.

In the past Alma had asked if Nephihah would take possession of all the Nephite records and keep them up to date as had been done by Alma and those who had possession of the records before him. However, Nephihah declined the responsibility, so Alma then conferred them on his son Helaman.

Alma 50: 39 Behold, it came to pass that the son of Nephihah was appointed to fill the judgment-seat, in the stead of his father; yea, he was appointed chief judge and governor over the people, with an oath and sacred ordinance to judge righteously, and to keep the peace and the freedom of the people, and to grant unto them their sacred privileges to worship the Lord their God, yea, to support and maintain the cause of God all his days, and to bring the wicked to justice according to their crime.

The son of Nephihah was put in as chief judge. In his oath of office, he covenanted to judge righteously, to made sure no one tried to limit the freedoms of the people. That the people were free to worship God as they wanted and that the wicked be brought to justice for their crimes against the people.

Alma 50: 40 Now behold, his name was Pahoran. And Pahoran did fill the seat of his father, and did commence his reign in the end of the twenty and fourth year, over the people of Nephi.

Nephihah son's name was Pahoran. He took office near the end of the 24th year of the reign of the judges.

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