Thursday, September 3, 2015

Alma 20:1 - 20:5

Alma 20:1 And it came to pass that when they had established a church in that land, that king Lamoni desired that Ammon should go with him to the land of Nephi, that he might show him unto his father.

The church is now on a stable footing in the land under the control of Lamoni. However, Lamoni wants the church to be established in other areas and suggests that he and Ammon go to the land where his father reigns and tell him about the gospel.

Alma 20:2 And the voice of the Lord came to Ammon, saying: Thou shalt not go up to the land of Nephi, for behold, the king will seek thy life; but thou shalt go to the land of Middoni; for behold, thy brother Aaron, and also Muloki and Ammah are in prison.

Ammon, however, is warned not to go to see the father of Lamoni as the he will not take favorably to Ammon and will try to execute him. Ammon is told that he needs to go to the land of Middoni, where his brother Aaron and his to two companions are in prison.

Aaron did not quite get the same reception as did Ammon.

Alma 20:3 Now it came to pass that when Ammon had heard this, he said unto Lamoni: Behold, my brother and brethren are in prison at Middoni, and I go that I may deliver them.

Ammon tells Lamoni of this communication from the Lord and that he must go and try to gain their release.

Alma 20:4 Now Lamoni said unto Ammon: I know, in the strength of the Lord thou canst do all things. But behold, I will go with thee to the land of Middoni; for the king of the land of Middoni, whose name is Antiomno, is a friend unto me; therefore I go to the land of Middoni, that I may flatter the king of the land, and he will cast thy brethren out of prison. Now Lamoni said unto him: Who told thee that thy brethren were in prison?

Lamoni says that the king of the land of Middoni is a close friend whose name is Amtiomno. Lamoni will go with Ammon and help with gaining the release of Aaron and his companions. Lamoni asks how did Lamoni know that this brother was in jail?

Alma 20:5 And Ammon said unto him: No one hath told me, save it be God; and he said unto me—Go and deliver thy brethren, for they are in prison in the land of Middoni.

Ammon tells Lamoni that no mortal told him about his brother Aaron, but that it was a revelation from God and that he was to go to Middoni to free his brother.

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